Cardiovascular related medical complications are some of the most severely diagnosed conditions by physicians. Upwards of five million Americans are diagnosed with heart valve disease each year. Heart valve disease is the malfunction of any of the four valves found within the human heart, and can be developed through other health conditions such as high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, and rheumatic fever.

Our system will replace current models used to train physicians for transfemoral and transseptal surgeries. Currently, the only method for testing preliminary heart valve devices is through the use of a live animal model, particularly porcine. However, there’s always the possibility that the animal will die prematurely due to cardiac arrest, eliminating the possibility of postoperative data and monitoring. Using live animals for testing and training can cost upwards of $10,000.

By characterizing the mechanical aspects of the heart and simulating transfemoral and transseptal approaches, there exists great potential for testing and developing artificial heart valves. Our model will provide a solution to cardiovascular health issues within the medical field. It will also offer proper physician training and serve to investigate further development of transcatheter heart valve design and insertion.


We offer perfused porcine hearts to use with our model.


BeatBox Beating Heart Model



  • Portable and Immobile
  • Transfemoral and Transseptal simulations
  • Echocardiogram and Fluoroscopy Compatible

The Heart System

  • Open Air System
  • 40-200 Beats per Minute
  • Cardiac Output of 5L/min

The Tubing

  • Securely Fastens to Heart, Pump, and Tank
  • Similar Diameter to Aorta and IVC
  • No pressure drops
  • Leak-proof

The Pump

  • Creates Pulsatile Flow
  • Pressures of 80-200 mmHg
  • Connect to Heart via Tubing


The innovative approaches and elements our team used includes:

Our technology was designed for physicians, surgeons, and engineers with maximum efficiency and affordability as a top priority. Its portability, ease of use, and cost effectiveness set it apart from the current standard, while also removing the need for animal models.


Right side heart fixture

Holds the heart in place without any interference

Apical heart fixture

Connects the pump tubing to the heart apex

Current Competitors

Cardiac Biosimulator Platform by LifeTec Group

LifeTec Group manufactures a competitive beating heart model that produces realistic biosimulation. Unfortunately, this model is restricted to a single training facility due to its size and complex nature. Unlike the Cardiac Biosimulator Platform, BeatBox is highly portable, modular, and plug-and-play allowing physicians to train in transcatheter procedures at their practicing facility.


Potential Market Breadown

Our Total Available Market includes the entirety of the heart valve market at $8.86 billion. Followed by our Serviceable Available Market which is the mitral valve market at $1.5 Billion. Finally, our Serviceable Obtainable Market encompasses the mitral valve research market at $234 million.

Beatbox technology is marketed towards companies, hospitals, or medical schools that are in need of a more efficient way to study and train their constituents on transcatheter insertion.

Clients have the option of paying by each use, a monthly subscription with limited uses per month or a lifetime fee that would allow for unlimited use of the product according to availability. Contact us for pricing and availability!



We are a multidisciplinary senior design project team at the University of California, Irvine. Each member had an insatiable curiosity towards cardiovascular issues and sought after an influential project to finalize our undergraduate education. We strived to push the boundaries and develop a system that can aid in the trans-catheter insertion training of physicians and surgeons at Edwards Lifesciences. After much mentoring, time, and research we have developed our finalized product, the BeatBox.


We are a group with diverse expertise that have united to create BeatBox. We are passionate about aiding in the development of technologies and training of professionals that will help those with heart diseases. We are mentored by Nima Nia, our engineering development and cardiovascular implant consultant from Edwards Lifesciences with over 10 years of experience in medical devices. We are also mentored by Dr. Yongen Chang, the Director of Nephrology Fellowship Training Program at UC Irvine’s Department of Medicine.



Rifat A.

Synthetic Heart Engineer

A Senior Biomedical Engineering student with a specialization in microfluidics. He currently works in Brown lab researching photosensitive effects of ARPE-19 cells. He is passionate about developing microfluidic assays for neurotransmitter detection.


Danielle B.

Project Engineer

With more than three years of cardiovascular and stem cell research experience, she is very passionate about heart disease and discovering new ways in which to treat it. She enjoys hands-on work, specifically in creating the heart perfusions and pump designs. As a Senior Biomedical Engineer, she strives to create a product that will improve the lives of surgeons and patients alike.


Blake E.

Synthetic Heart Engineer

A Senior double majoring in Mechanical and Material Science Engineering, Blake is commited to life long learning. He focuses on the design and prototyping of systems with an interest in energy management and mechanical design. He eventually want to commodify many items of the post-industrial world to developing nations.


Amrith K.

Team Lead

A Senior double majoring in Comparative Literature and Biomedical Engineering with multiple years of biomedical industry experience. He currently works at a startup biomedical company located in Irvine, CA.


Armando M.

Project Engineer, Developer

More than two years experience in the biomedical industry, specifically he has collaborated on projects in relation to specialty catheter design and manufacturing. Specializing in biophotonics, he strives to help assist the general public with respect to providing innovative solutions for individuals and families fighiting cardiovascular diseases and improving the quality of life globally.


Audrey M.

Web Developer

A Senior Biomedical Engineering student with a specialization in biophotonics. She aspires to methodically solve people-related problems that benefit the greater good and build something of form and beauty that structurally will last forever.

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